B. 非善意的合格交易。您不得以恶意方式进行合格交易,包括但不限于使用隐形方法。产生的印象、点击或交易不是由最终用户的肯定和真实行为发起的,也不是使用任何 cookie、设备、程序、机器人、iframe 或隐藏框架、弹出窗口或任何其他干扰的操作或过程EPN 正确识别和跟踪交易的能力。禁止任何人为产生点击、展示或活动的方法。这包括但不限于当您或您的代理点击您自己的包含跟踪代码、自动点击工具或流量来源、机器人或其他欺骗性软件的促销内容时产生的点击或展示。要被视为有效,点击和转化必须来自真正的用户兴趣。 EPN 将自行决定确定无效点击活动的实例,这些活动可能以不同的形式出现,并且可能包括并非由于您的任何故意行为引起的活动。 EPN 没有义务披露有关 EPN 欺诈检测系统功能的详细信息。由于 EPN 需要保护其专有检测系统,因此 EPN 可能无法向您提供有关您帐户活动的所有信息,包括可能涉及欺诈活动的任何网页、最终用户或第三方服务。

Non-Bona Fide Qualifying Transactions. You may not cause Qualifying Transactions to be made in bad faith, including but not limited to using invisible methods to. generate impressions, clicks or transactions that are not initiated by the affirmative and genuine action of an end user, or using any cookie, device, program, robot, iframe or hidden frame, pop-up window or any other operation or process that interferes with EPN’s ability to properly identify and track transactions. Any method that artificially generates clicks, impressions, or activity is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, clicks or impressions generated when you or your Agents click on your own Promotional Content containing Tracking Code, automated clicking tools or traffic sources, robots, or other deceptive software. To be considered valid, clicks and conversions must result from genuine user interest. EPN will use its sole discretion to determine instances of invalid click activity, which may come in different forms and may include activity not due to any deliberate action on your part. EPN is not obliged to disclose details about the functioning of EPN’s fraud detection systems. Because EPN needs to protect its proprietary detection system, EPN may be unable to provide you with all information about your account activity, including any web pages, end users, or third-party services that may have been involved in fraudulent activities.

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